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Our vision

At ELECTRIFUEL, our mission is to power the future of transportation through advanced management systems. As a pioneering EV startup, we are committed to revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry by optimizing battery performance, enhancing safety, and extending range. Together, let's drive the transformation towards cleaner and more efficient mobility.

Our Journey

Come join us in our journey to growth and betterment.

Founded in 2017

In 2017, our company was founded with an innovative vision and a passion for growth, propelling us on a transformative journey in the EV industry.


First step towards success

Got pilot orders in 2018 and deployed our first POC units.


Year of growth

Got incubation in Electropreneur park which propelled us forward to pilot production and subsequent high value client aquisition.


Expanding Clientele and Strengthening Influence

We experienced significant growth as we welcomed a multitude of new clients into our network. This influx of new partnerships not only expanded our reach but also strengthened our influence within the industry.


Growth year 2021

Our commitment to innovation has led us to expand our product portfolio by introducing three exciting additions.


Fueling our Growth and Innovation

We have raised Rs 1.8 crore in its seed funding round led by Indian Angel Network (IAN) investors Vishnuraj Kunjur, Sahil Kejriwal and Pradeep Gupta.


Goals for 2023

With our sights set on 2023,we are determined to establish ourselves as a leading player in the EV industry. While previous objectives may have eluded us, our resolute determination drives us to attain Elite partner status and create a significant influence in the market.



Batteries present in the market


e-rickshaw drivers, have experienced significant improvement in their livelihood.


tonnes CO2 saved

We are in the news sometimes.

Fueling EV's with all their electronics need.

The startup provides the needed inside infrastructure for battery manufacturers and EV OEMs and claims to reduce their market turnaround time.

Indian Angel Network recently invested INR 1.8 Cr in Electrifuel Private Limited.

Founded in 2017 by a group of engineers, Sumesh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, and Ujjwal Bhardwaj


Life at Electrifuel

Together, we celebrate achievements and create a positive and supportive culture.

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